Since the a wages, she spotted a beneficial girl whom she requested in the event that she you will definitely are brand new hairpin inside her charming head

Since the a wages, she spotted a beneficial girl whom she requested in the event that she you will definitely are brand new hairpin inside her charming head

Tian Qi forgot if you will that she is meant to getting a boy whenever she watched a keen arrow off accessories. She watched a beautiful hairpin.

Ji Heng is actually so surprised and even more amazed in the event the bookseller asserted that their number one customer was Standard Ji. He then shown them adorei isto a beneficial poster from a tremendously swarthy General Ji, that was photoshopped.

Ji Zheng a bit enjoyed their particular as well

Tian He leased a space and had five charming ladies so you’re able to suffice all of them. She managed to get appeared to be she are a consistent.

However therefore distressed sufficient as the the guy gave a free of charge violation so you can Tian Qi, and therefore suggested she will be able to appear and disappear in Mansion Ji.

Tian Qi are perception brand new generosity and you can utter gorgeousness off Ji Heng when you’re she noticed your bed. However, she told herself that she can not be in love as she’s a purpose to help you avenge their particular parents.

The guy planned to tell Ji Heng that Tian Qi really was feminine but Tian Qi may get banged from Residence Ji, the guy loves her a lot of for this.

Whenever Tian Qi started stating that he was very boy, Ji Zheng asserted that he would view it for himself.

Ru Yi, Ji Heng and you can Ji Zheng’s nephew stumbled on stay at Mansion Ji. In some way, the students boy connected themselves to Tian Qi along with become contacting their particular ‘mom’.

Madam Ji, Ji Heng’s mommy got come back from the temple in addition to their own assistant, new frontrunner out of Mansion Ji, Chen Wu Yong.

Thinking that Ji Heng still are convinced that she is either gay otherwise a great girl, Tian Qi pulled him to a text cart in which she continued to look at porno

Dr Ding and you will Tian Qi watched the fresh new commander ordering a housemaid becoming offered fifty lashes for perhaps not maintaining new clean condition off his apartment during the residence.

Chun Hua noticed Tian Qi and you will Dr Ding. She warned them to not enter the newest bad side of Mr Chen. She also considered Tian Qi you to once she saw Mr Chen once more, she abruptly remembered that it was your who was simply putting on this new Buddha jade wristband that Tian Qi is asking throughout the.

Absolutely nothing Ru Yi was informing Madam Ji exactly how much she loves Tian Qi. Madam Ji had curious about your doctor whom seemed to be appealing to folk in addition to so you can her own son, Ji Heng.

Meanwhile, Tian Qi went to discover Mr Chen which have a little bust out of jade jewels such as the reddish bead jade Buddha wristband while the a supplying.

Mr Chen mentioned that he used to own it along with trained with in order to anyone else. He was shocked to get it back.

He employed the new housemaid of one’s former concubine to share with Madam Ji one to Tian Qi was known for getting a beneficial jinx and the sooner which they reduce their particular the greater.

She got together with Ji Heng and Ji Zheng to possess a invited family restaurants. It absolutely was you to Ji Heng is actually her young man but Ji Zheng is actually the brand new son of a good concubine.

Madam Ji got a give for the loss of the students concubine. She forced the fresh new girl to drink poison. She next got taken Ji Zheng since her own child.

With the knowledge that she are unable to force them in this subject, she come informing Ji Zheng you to definitely she read much from the Tian Qi from Ruyi. She said that it would be good in the event that Ji Zheng you certainly will allow the doctor in order to her thus Tian Qi you will definitely look after their own, now that she are getting older. This should also be good for Ru Yi who had drawn a preference to the more youthful doctor.

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